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Sewa Kapal LCT Surabaya
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Project Cargo Handling

Whether you are building a manufacturing plant, mining or drilling the earth, you will need to procure logistics transportation service to manage your cargo movement. The services include freight management, cargo handling and cargo moving from origin to your final site location. The most important point in logistic service is that the delivery time should meet your project schedule. Your mistake in choosing a logistics service company may result in project delay and significant lost.

marineCheetahtrans can help you achieve success. Large project logistics management and procurement services are what we do best. Our process begins when the purchase orders are issued and involves moving cargo of all sizes and dimensions from anywhere in the world to your final site location. We provide aggressive expediting – necessary for our logistics success – at no extra charge.With us, you can anticipate unforeseen circumstances and changing needs of your project. We can also give creative solutions and the fastest possible response for your inquiries.

Cheetahtrans has the experience in complex logistical challenges you are looking for and can help you analyze important project requirements. We will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported. Our success in handling logistical challenges in the industry lies on our relationships and open communication with clients so that we can provide a successful project experience.

- International and Domestic Sea and Air Freight

Acceptance your cargo whether your shipment are special case. Big or small moves by air or ocean, we will bend over backward to make sure it gets there. In great shape. On time. We can delivery to any point your choise overseas and domestics. To the port or customs cleared into the importer warehouse. Competitively low Ocean / Air Freight rates.

- Marine Transportation using LCT, Tug and Barges and Cargo Vessel

We provide chartering vessel service for any type of vessels such as Cargo vessel, LCT, Tugboat & Barge, Offshore vessel, oil barge and oil tanker.We provide marine transportation using our own tugboats and barges for offshore marine services. The company operates a fleet of modern tugs. Barges are used for lighterage and transport of general cargo, heavy-lifts, structures and other oversized cargo. Tugs can be used for general towage and berthing.

- Vessel Agency Services

We provide full cargo vessel agency attendance, ship husbandry services as well as protective agency attendance. Our goal is to achieve prompt vessel turn around along with apt precise documentation. Cheetahtrans Shipping Agency is committed to provide high-quality services with dedicated individuals who are able to facilitate a cost-effective quick turnaround.

Services Provided : Daily onboard attendance, 24/ 7 service, Crew handling/ meet and greet/ hotel bookings/ shore passes, Crew well being / doctor/ dentist/ phones / phone cards , Spares clearance and delivery, Inward and Outward clearances, Liaison with local authorities, Bunkers and lubricants.

Breakbulk Handling- Stevedoring Services

We provide stevedoring services with modern discharge equipments in a timely manner. We use services of firms licensed to operate within the terminal.

- Custom Clearance for Export and Import Purpose

We offer a wide variety of customs clearance and forwarding services which is important in the shipping and documentation process.

Our service includes:
- Custom documentation
- Transportation within Indonesia
- Examination of shipments, Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at ports and customer’ s warehouse

- In land Transportation

Prompt delivery to your door to the port and from the port to your warehouse for FCL, LCL and breakbulk cargo via any kind, type and size of truck or trailer. Coordinating for delivery to job sites, specialized transportation equipment arranged.

- Breakbulk Handling

Distribution ServicesPT. Cheetah Trans Indonesia is leading of logistics services in the bulky and heavy goods transport sector, with a principal focus on sea transport. Our many years of experience in this specialized are guarantee that your consignements will be handled professionally, reliably and in keeping with your individual requirements. PT. Cheetah Trans Indonesia move Container, Truck, large Cranes, Drill rig, Escavator, Dump Truck and all other heavy cargo from Jakarta, Surabaya to several destination in island of Indonesia country such as Samarinda, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Medan, Muara Tewe, Batu Licin, Pekan Baru etc. Transaka cargo provide several kinds of shipping for take your cargo both LCT or Barges. PT. Cheetah Trans Indonesia are dedicated to providing you customized, cost efective service while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

- Cargo Insurance

we are working with various leading insurance companies to cover losses if there is anything that does not want happening in your cargo during transport.